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Listening to

what you want.

Delivering exactly

what you need.

Bespoke engineering through open collaboration with our customers.

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learning in a

changing world.

Always placing
safety first.

Bringing latest advances, best practices and safeguards to your projects.

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Optimising designs.

Setting your projects up for success.

Seeking out ways to add value, minimise external impact and provide your assets with long term resilience.

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Unrivalled Expertise.

Never compromising on quality.

Sharing our expertise to give you confidence you have the best possible outcome.

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Clarity of purpose.

Elegant solutions.

Filtering out unnecessary complexity to produce full-function fit for purpose designs.

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Engineering a greener future.


We ensure all of our projects meet our sustainability goals.

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We specialise in engineering, project management
and consultancy in three specific areas:

Aviation fuel

Pipelines &


Intelligent engineering for better​

Driven by our passion for engineering excellence and inspired by the freedom to challenge and think differently, we provide intelligent, cost-effective designs for energy transportation, storage and distribution systems.

Drawing on our specialist knowledge and deep understanding of regional intricacies, coupled with incisive questioning, we help our clients to define their real needs. We then combine the appropriate expertise from our network of world class specialists to deliver an outcome that goes beyond the brief, adding value and truly making a difference.

What sets us apart?

As well as having vast technical knowledge and experience it is our people and our approach that really sets us apart.

We are entirely independent, founded and run by engineers. We all share a passion for great engineering, valuing intelligent engineering above all else. We take pride in providing solutions that are tailored to our clients needs rather than adopting an ‘off-the-shelf’ approach.

We have developed a series of principles that guide everything that we do. These are not simply a list of arbitrary corporate values but instead are five statements that are ingrained in every aspect of our work.

Our principles

Slide One: Uncompromised understanding


Uncompromised understanding

This first principle is vital in ensuring we identify the real needs of a client and establish the goals of a project. How can we possibly begin to develop a solution without fully understanding the challenge?

We are continually learning and will never assume we know everything. We listen to our clients and work closely with them to identify the key drivers that make a project successful. We will ask questions until we are satisfied we have a complete understanding, with the specialist knowledge to know exactly what to ask.

  • We work closely with the client to challenge the brief in order to understand the underlying needs and objectives of a project
  • We have a global outlook and a deep understanding of regional intricacies
  • We believe that real understanding is more than knowledge alone
Slide 2: Freedom to be different

Freedom to
be different

Freedom to be different

We were founded and are run by engineers who are driven by a passion for great engineering rather than the need to deliver profit for shareholders. We are entirely independent and are free to think for ourselves.

The freedom to be different is vital in ensuring we structure every project effectively. Not only this but our independence and freedom of thought helps guide every aspect of our operation.

  • We are not restricted by bureaucratic processes or supplier lists
  • Our strong technical core and global network of industry specialists enables us to be entirely flexible
  • We like to push the boundaries
  • We provide fresh thinking and have the freedom to be creative
  • We provide an approach that is tailored to our client’s needs
Slide 3: Constant pursuit of excellence

Constant pursuit
of excellence

Constant pursuit of excellence

We will accept nothing less than the highest quality in everything that we do. We strive for technical excellence and will not rest until we are happy that the project outcome is as good as it can possibly be.

We don’t claim to know it all and are continually learning and developing our knowledge and understanding to ensure we can deliver the very best.

  • We strive for technical excellence
  • We are continually learning
  • We are driven by our passion for engineering
  • We develop our engineers to be the best
  • We take pride in everything we do
Slide 4: Making a positive impact

Making a
positive impact

Making a positive impact

We are not satisfied in delivering a solution that simply does the job. We aim to deliver beyond the brief and provide an outcome that adds lasting value and truly makes a difference.

The financial impact is as important as any other. We always look to protect our client’s economic interests and are mindful of project costs. We never increase project costs without good reason.

  • We are socially and environmentally responsible
  • We protect our client’s economic interests
  • We add value for our clients, for the local community and for young engineers and designers
  • We share our knowledge
Slide 5: Open partnership


Open partnership

Underpinning everything that we do at every stage of a project is our belief in open partnership. This is as important in the relationships we build with clients as it is in the way we operate.

We believe in clarity and being entirely transparent. We are always open about our working processes and we will never hide costs. The trust we build in our relationships, whether with clients, consultants or suppliers, is vital in our success.

  • We are open, honest and supportive
  • We are proud of our network and are open with our clients about bringing in consultants with specialist knowledge
  • We can partner with a client to enable a risk-averse company to embrace challenges and manage risks
  • Our clients trust us to challenge their view of what a project requires
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